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Life Coaching?

Surely thats some wierdo whose read a few books after being made redundant?

Well a lot of them are! So how do you choose a good one?

Life Coaching is of real value

Actually Life Coaching is a terrible name for something which with the right coach is fantastically valuable.

Imagine a person with real life experience, Experience in helping people change and get more out of life, overcome difficulties and challenges in their lives, with the skills of a well qualified therapist just working with you to help you get the change you want from life.

We all have a plan for life whether we know it or not.

As we go through life we make choices. Whether we know it or not we are making choices all the time. Our lives unfold to an unconscious plan, predetermined by our genetics, by our families, our early experiences, the experiences which life has dealt out to us over the years.

What is certain is that people with a plan get more out of life than those without a plan.


Why not consider a new plan? Whether you know it or not you’ve got one because you assume and expect certain things in life and you have beliefs about what you will and will not have. Its your choice to keep this or have choice about it.

Working with a Certified Life Coach will help you develop much improved plans and outcomes and help you get change and results fast.


  • How did you choose your career?
  • Your Partner?
  • Your Standard of Living?
  • Your Health?
  • Your Happiness?

Yes you chose them! But probably without realising it!

Life Coaching  gets you more out of life

Life Coaching helps you get a better balance in life

NLP Coaching helps you change the way you think feel and behave as well as helping you change your beliefs.

Coaching helps you change your career

Coaching Helps you make changes, improve your relationships.

Working with a coach will help you cope with stress and reduce stress in your life.

So how do you go about understanding your plan, how you developed it and what it is delivering to you? Well you can read self help books and many of these are fantastically good, but even the best cannot interact with you.

You can undertake personal development training. This will deliver fantastic results but the courses are not always available.

Or you can work with a personal development specialist. This person is highly trained and experienced in helping people get in control of their lives.

Their job is to help you understand your beliefs. Your early upbringing. Your family Codes and expectations and how all these interact to give you the live you are living right now.

You should consider  working with a Life Coach or a Career Change Coach.

They should be a certified Life CoachCareer Coach, with extensive life experience and certified in CoachingNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),  and possibly Hypnosis

About the Author

Andy Lee works as a Life Coach in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, & Huddersfield

He helps people through Career Coaching and Career Change Coaching in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, & Huddersfield