Coaching For Leaders and Senior Persononnel

Leadership Coaching  is a specialist area of personal development where you  can reap huge rewards in terms of your relationships, your role, your overall career and your levels of success.

It broadly addresses three areas.

  • Your broader life and interests  - right now
  • Your Current Role How well you are able to undertake all aspects of it
  • Your Overall Goals and career path in its totality.

Coaching For Leaders and Senior Personnel


You are just like everyone else  - Human! And just like everyone else you need to address your own personal balance. Its all too easy to forget the things which drove us towards leadership and success – our lives outside of the workplace. When you take on leadership roles you begin to compromise which is OK for a while – but being a Bad Dad, Partner, or Mum for more than a while is building up trouble. Where and how far are you compromising and what will give you the balance back?

Your Current Role 

How sure are you you have everything right? What skills would it benefit you to acquire and how specifically could you identify these and develop them systematically? Whether you conduct this analysis personally or after collecting feedback from your organisation  is up to you. Identifying areas for development at your level is difficult – you’ve few peers and no superiors and you need to sustain authority, direction, dynamism and relationships. You in your current role will benefit from a structured review of specific leadership skills within the context of your current role, and then undertake specific personal development in these areas.

Your Overall Career

You are much much more than your current role – so what are you doing to move to the next steps? You probably had a very clear idea about what you wanted when you got your current role but what’s next? Develop a much clearer idea of your next steps and the current priorities for yourself and the implement the changes to move you systematically towards a better version of your future.

Where to start? 

Leadership Coaching is a bespoke service of one to one training and development focussed on you tailored for you and which you are in charge of.

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