NLP Training

Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming is an essential part of any personal development specialists training.

You will see many personal development specialists who have coaching certification or coaching qualifications. These basically certify coaches to undertake a process with you. They will help you set goals. They will help you identify areas for change. They may well point you towards where you may be able to make changes yourself.

When it comes to enabling you to change beliefs you hold about yourself you will need to work with someone who is certified in nlp as well as coaching.

Levels of NLP Training

NLP Diploma

You may see people who hold a Diploma in NLP  (Dip NLP)

This is a four day course and it is the most basic introduction possible. It covers the Early development of NLP, Presuppositions of NLP, Basic Anchoring, Developing New Behaviours, The Unconscious Mind, Basic Framing and re-framing, States. This is really a personal development training and does not formally certify anyone to work with others. Holders of NLP Diploma may of course have many other qualities and experiences which make them effective  coaches but they are limited in the change you can expect from them.

NLP Practitioner 

People who have completed NLP Practitioner Training

Have completed between 7 and 16 days face to face training. There are also some people who have only done an on-line course.

NLP Practitioner Training  will give a considerable range of approaches which enable you to help people well.

This is the minimum level of certification you should look for in a personal development specialist.